Brand integrity: It’s about delivering on your promises

Posted on: December 08th, 2016 by Art Barger

Strong brand integrity is critical to your business success. Without it, it can be a challenge to achieve the long-term success you strive for. 

Your internal teams can set business initiatives and put your plans in motion, but in order to reach your goals you must deliver a level of service that meets your customers’ growing needs. In today’s consumer-driven environment, your brand reputation hangs in the balance of how well you serve them and deliver on your promises. 

Today’s consumers have a strong sense of brand integrity. They understand fairly quickly when a business is getting it right, and when they don’t. Even after just one bad experience they won’t hesitate to stop doing business with a company, but not before telling others about it over social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. These shared experiences can damage a business’s reputation, something that can be difficult to undo.

This is why your customer service representatives play a central role in building and maintaining your brand integrity. Whether they’re interacting with your customers on the telephone, online or in person, there are several factors that are critical to successfully serving your customers, such as:

  • Understanding your customers’ needs. To make your customers happy, you need to know what they want. Customers reach out to your agents each day for a myriad of reasons. A friendly, well-trained staff that understands their needs is critical to resolving their issues in a pleasant, effective and timely manner. 
  • Delivering on your promises. Meeting your customers’ needs and exceeding their expectations is what sets you apart from your competition. Again, it comes down to how your agents engage your customers in creating a level of trust and confidence that they’ve come to expect.
  • Providing reliable, consistent service. Once customers know what to expect, maintaining a high level of service across all customer channels is key to strengthening goodwill with them. Because your customers’ needs change, so should the way you serve them. Continuing to evaluate how you assist your customers can help ensure your services are aligned with their needs, and that your services and solutions remain ahead of the curve.

The reality is your brand reputation is on the line with every phone call, online chat or handshake with your customers. Providing a consistent, efficient and predictable customer experience across your entire enterprise should be your business’s top priority. In the end, strengthening your business integrity comes down to improving the way you serve your customers, and delivering on your promises time and time again.