Building a stronger brand starts with satisfied customers

Posted on: January 29th, 2014 by Art Barger

This year will mark a dramatic change for call center environments. After years of trying to improve efficiency and lower average call handle times to please customers, many have learned that earning new business and retaining customers is less about how fast you can serve them oppose to how well you serve them.

According to the article, “Six Controversial Ways Contact Centers Will Transform in 2014,” a shift will take place this year that will change the way call centers measure success. Leading the way are the customers, themselves. With personal experiences playing a key role in consumers’ buying decisions, how customers are treated can be the difference between a strong brand loyalty and losing business to your competition due to the loss of brand integrity.

Moving forward, call centers will continue to take steps to improve their customer experience, and meeting customer expectations will play a large role in their business success. The article called out a few things that are driving this change, including:

  • Customer experience is influencing buying habits: With millions of blogs, forums and review sites on the Internet, consumers buying decisions are influenced more than ever by positive and negative experiences shared online.
  • Focus on satisfying customers: Today, your brand value is directly tied to how happy your customers are. Satisfied customers are more likely to endorse and recommend your products and services, which can help improve your brand identity. 
  • Provide memorable experiences: Creating a high-value, engagement call center that truly puts the customer first will result in better overall outcomes. When customers feel they are more important than business profits, they are likely to share a positive reviews of their experience.  
  • More investments in the customer experience: A recent Nielson study found that 50 percent of people find traditional advertising credible. With consumers trusting non-biased recommendations when evaluating products and services, investing in ways to build stronger relationships and earn customer recommendations and positive reviews is critical for business success.
  • Adopt a predictive analytics for call routing: The ability to effectively understand and use data will help call centers create a more personaliz and intimate relationship with customers, which can help increase brand loyalty.

While improving efficiency and cutting costs are important factors in optimizing your overall call center operations, your success is ultimately measured by how satisfied your customers are, and the strength of your brand. Saving time through passive, proactive caller authentication with tools like the TRUSTID® Physical Caller Authentication can help set the table for creating a call center environment that’s easy to navigate through and resolves customer issues in a timely manner.