Can your call center generate revenue?

Posted on: January 15th, 2015 by Art Barger

The call center is primarily used for customer service. But we at TRUSTID have always challenged the idea of the call center simply being used as a customer service tool. We believe it can be more.

This is why we’re continuously asking ourselves that if you can resolve customer issues faster, can the time you save by proactively authenticating calls make customers more receptive to hearing about additional services you provide? If so, you’d essentially be turning one of your biggest business expenses into a money generating operation.

With up to 25 percent of call times used to authenticate customers, many contact centers are still overpaying for a customer-identifying service that’s neither efficient nor predictive. Because of this, they may also be limiting themselves of the additional business benefits like cross-selling and up-selling other services.

Today, knowledge-based authentication (KBA) methods waste huge amounts of call time verifying callers. This not only drives up labor costs, it can damage the profitable relationship between banks and their customers. Leveraging the TRUSTID® Physical Caller Authentication solution, however, eliminates burdensome telephone interrogations to help call center agents resolve customer issues faster to create opportunities to up-sell customers and strengthen their goodwill right on the phone.

The telephone is still one of the best ways to connect and build trust with your customers. In the process, why not use the phone channel for revenue generation? The problem is, bombarding your customers with a bunch of annoying security questions won’t get you there. But with TRUSTID’s real-time telephone network forensics, financial institutions and enterprises can proactively authenticate callers without having to rely on time-consuming methods or potentially mishandled sensitive customer data, to do so.

By automatically validating the Caller ID and ANI — and identifying all spoofed calls — while the phone is still ringing, banks can immediately begin serving the needs of customers the moment the agent picks up. Along with resolving your customers’ needs in a timely fashion, callers are more receptive to listen to other relevant services you offer that can improve their experience the next time around.

So, if bringing more value to your customers can improve their banking experience, doesn’t it make sense to deploy solutions that strengthen bank-customer relations and help your business along the way? By improving customer service and your bottom line, TRUSTID can help you turn one of your company’s biggest expenses into a relationship building, money generating operation, all by automating the caller authentication process.