From intent to execution: The challenge of call center change

Posted on: January 11th, 2018 by Lance Hood

Much like a well-intended New Year’s resolution, executing and achieving contact center goals is not as easy as it seems. Over time, organizations change their business strategies, and once they lose momentum, often times those lofty goals fall to the wayside to new priorities.  

According to the article, “Contact Center Priorities for 2018,” only 30 percent of us are good at change. But we live in an era that requires a lot of tweaking. To keep up with today’s increasing customer demands, it’s becoming more and more imperative that we get better at setting goals and staying focused to see them through.

To accomplish this, the article provides a few tips on what contact centers can do to become better at change in 2018.

  • Focus your effort Meeting your operating goals requires more than good intentions. With so many moving parts that include speed, accuracy, and meeting your customer’s ever-changing needs, change requires a team effort to keep you accountable and on track to achieve your goals.
  • Get better at change However you approach change today, if you’ve fallen short of successfully implementing change, switch up your strategy. Executing sustainable change requires both employees and business leaders to be on board and committed to seeing it through.
  • Interpreting call center executive priorities Implementing change is two-fold. At the same time that you are implementing system changes, you must also be training your team in what’s referred to as an inside-out, outside-in approach. Change is driven by supervisors who understand and align corporate objectives with executable day-to-day operational processes.

What all this seems to suggest is turning intent into execution is not easy. Bringing change to fruition is a team effort that takes complete commitment and collaboration from all teams involved.

Making changes to your contact center processes and operations starts with having your top leadership team on board, committed to investing in the tools, resources and training needed to achieve your goals. Supervisors make sure customer-facing employees are properly trained and empowered to execute those changes day in and day out.

To successfully change, every level of your enterprise from your executive team to senior and middle management to your call center agents must understand the full scope, impact and requirements needed to execute change. In the end, it’s about planning, training, reporting and ongoing evaluation to make the necessary changes to meet evolving customer needs.