TRUSTID helps enterprises with large call centers to cut costs by authenticating their customers’ identities automatically, instantly, and invisibly. Valued callers start with a helpful greeting, not an interrogation of their personal information. Call center agents get to serve more calls each hour, reducing associated costs by 20%. TRUSTID works on the premise that personal information –birth dates, mothers’ maiden names, last four digits of social security numbers, etc.- is readily available to criminals online. Instead of identity-interrogation, TRUSTID automatically verifies that customers are calling from their personal phones. This ‘ownership-factor authentication’ -the industry’s gold standard- connects validated calls faster, while flagging suspicious calls for heightened precaution. It’s unobtrusive to customers and invisible to criminals. Because criminals can’t manipulate it, TRUSTID’s out-of-band process outperforms conventional knowledge-based authentication by a factor of 25. Customers spanning the private and public sectors rely on TRUSTID to reduce call center costs, improve customer experience, and mitigate fraud risk. Privately held and VC-backed, TRUSTID is headquartered in Portland, Oregon