Call centers willfully expose themselves to two persistent problems by relying on knowledge-based authentication. Asking callers for personally identifying information (PII) – “Account number, PIN, and mother’s maiden name, please.” – adds to their frustration in a moment when they need help most. Ironically, this does nothing to stop the bad guys from walking in through the front door. They can acquire PII with little effort or cost.

The solution is simple: complete the authentication process before the call is answered. By identifying and pulling trusted callers out of the standard flow, they get help with their problems, not frustrated with identity interrogation. Because criminals can’t manipulate it, they can’t socially engineer their way into account takeover. They get nothing and they never know why.

It all starts with TRUSTID. We deliver the industry’s only pre-answer caller authentication token. By identifying trusted callers before they hear “hello,” our automatic, highly accurate approach reduces operating costs, increases customer satisfaction and makes fraud-fighting efforts more efficient.

Customers spanning the private and public sectors rely on TRUSTID to achieve business benefits such as:

  • 20% reduction in call center costs
  • 10% improvement in customer satisfaction
  • 10% improvement in IVR containment
  • 70% reduction in use of KBA
  • 25X better authentication security

Privately held and VC-backed, TRUSTID is headquartered in Portland, Oregon