Consumers still picking up the phone for customer service

Posted on: November 13th, 2013 by Art Barger

Nothing reassures customers more than human interaction. With all of the sophisticated business tools out there designed to move sales along, when customers have questions or run into a problem, they’re more likely to pick up the phone to resolve the issue.

In the article, “Why Online Customers Still Want To Talk To Customer Service,” an IMShopping study found 77 percent of online shoppers still want to speak to a real person before buying. Another 43 percent of eCommerce transactions start with a web search but end with a phone call.

Today, telephone customer service has the highest level of customer satisfaction at 69 percent, followed by email (60%) and FAQs (56%). With all the different sales channels now available, this is why having great customer service over the telephone channel has never been more important to customer satisfaction and a company’s overall success.

Customer service also continues to play a critical role in customer retention. According to the management consulting, technology and outsourcing services firm, Accenture, U.S. consumers are switching companies they do business with like never before. And the root cause — poor customer service.

Accenture reported that 51 percent of U.S. consumers that take their business elsewhere due so because of poor experiences. And those numbers are up five percent from last year. On the flip side, 81 percent of consumers who switched companies said the business they dropped could have done something to prevent them from leaving, but didn’t. The industries that lost the most customers due to bad experiences included retailers, cable and satellite providers, and retail banks.

While businesses now offer consumers more options to purchase goods and services, making sure you provide highly secure and exceptional customer service across all customer touch points — including the widely used telephone channel — is essential for improving customer satisfaction, customer retention, and increasing overall business revenues.

For many financial institutions and other businesses, using the TRUSTID® Physical Caller Authentication solution to identify callers in real-time creates a safe, efficient customer environment that allows them to provide better customer care by answering questions and resolving issues in a cost-effective and timely manner.