Creating a culture of trust

Posted on: June 19th, 2013 by Art Barger

We know that every ring, every greeting and every second counts in the overall call center experience. Putting anything else ahead of the customer’s time, their needs and trust will have a significant impact on the customer’s loyalty to your company. And that’s something none of us can afford to lose.

When it comes to customer care, what really matters comes down to what the customer wants. Sure, we can spend all of our time strategizing ways to acquire and retain customers, but these are really all company-centric goals. To truly focus on what the customer wants comes down to respecting their time and trust.

The financial services industry is going through a transformation unlike anything it has ever seen. A shift in power is taking place that’s seeing the success of the entire enterprise less dependent on brand recognition than it is on customer experience and the ability to service customers’ needs. With consumers becoming more responsible for defining a brand, banks need to alter their business processes to significantly improve the customer experience and ensure consumer safety. In the end, earning the customer’s trust can provide a huge competitive advantage for any business.

When you really pop open the hood to examine the top reasons for customer dissatisfaction, after eliminating product factors like line assignment, fees and interest rates, poor customer service comes back to a lack of trust and respect for the customer’s time. Today, much of this can be attributed to financial institutions relying on outdated methods for customer identification that require time-intensive telephone interrogations. Once a standard for identifying customers over the telephone channel, knowledge-based authentication (KBA) solutions now test our customers’ patience and goodwill, are no longer predictive for identifying customers, and increase operational costs by expanding average call handle times.

The bottom line is customers want to feel like they come first. It’s as simple as that. To give them what they want, businesses need to streamline the customer experience to make their needs front and center. Doing this requires deploying innovative authentication tools like the TRUSTID® Physical Caller Authentication solution. By verifying the Caller ID and ANI before the phone is answered, the customer only has to wait until the contact center agent picks up the phone. At that moment, the bank representative immediately addresses what the customer called for in the first place.

By resolving issues faster, TRUSTID respects the customer’s time and needs while creating a culture of trust that’s essential to improving the call center experience and overall customer satisfaction.