Do your call center a favor: automate your authentication process

Posted on: September 03rd, 2015 by Art Barger

Is your customer experience a competitive differentiator? If not, it should be.

Many of today’s contact centers generally work the same. After the phone is answered, a series of options prompt the IVR to route callers to the appropriate line or operator. Once there, trained telephone agents are ready to serve their customers’ needs. Many call centers also have a list of questions handy for agents to interrogate customers before they can start to serve them. These security questions can be detrimental to the customer experience.

Whether you’ve got a polished sales pitch to recruit new customers or a value proposition that perfectly positions your brand from the competition, at the end of the day, the only thing that really matters to your customers is how well you treat and protect them.

If you’re still employing knowledge-based authentication (KBA) solutions to identify callers, you’re not doing yourself or your customers any favors. The way I see it, the only favors you’re doing is giving the competition an edge in customer service. That’s because when post-call authentication takes place, you’re interrupting the flow of your banking experience. This interruption frustrates callers and impacts how they interact and perceive your brand.

In talking with banking customers around the country, nothing is more aggravating than calling your bank, only to run into a sea of challenge questions that prohibit you from getting your problems resolved in a timely manner. What’s even more frustrating is it doesn’t matter how loyal you’ve been to your bank, when you’re asked a bunch of personally identifiable questions, a level of trust has been broken that, in business, is hard to get back.

As a financial institution, you work hard to earn the trust and loyalty of your customers. So, why undermine these efforts with lengthy and disruptive KBA questions that can have a negative impact on your profitable bank-customer relationship? Relying on outdated methods to identify customers over the telephone channel is not only damaging to your brand reputation, it’s costly to your overall call center operations.

When it comes to contact centers, every second counts. This is why banks should put their trust in authentication solutions that enhance operational efficiency and respect their customers time and trust. The TRUSTID® Physical Caller Authentication does this by proactively validating each call before it is answered. Automatically identifying the risk of each customer “pre-call” allows call center agents to start each call with a friendly, helpful greeting, not an irritating telephone interrogation.


The first minute of each inbound call — which we like to refer as the “Golden Minute” — can change everything. Instead of building a wall between you and your valued customers, you’re treating them with the trust they deserve, and putting their needs first. This is priceless in the eyes of your customers, who really just want to resolve an issue as quickly as possible and get on with their business.

TRUSTID allows banks to be there for their customers at the onset of the call. creating an more trustworthy environment that’s beneficial to your business, and most importantly, to your customers’ overall level of satisfaction.

So, automate your authentication process today. You’ll be doing your call center and your customers a favor.