Each call is a new opportunity to strengthen your customer relations

Posted on: December 01st, 2016 by Art Barger

Increasing call volumes can impact contact centers in different ways. For enterprises that aren’t prepared to handle unexpected call spikes, an uptick in customer calls can lead to extended hold times and higher abandonment rates. This is something all contact centers want to avoid because of the negative impact it can have on your brand reputation and customer experience.

It’s been well documented how consumers react to bad experiences. When a telephone agent is not properly trained to provide quick and effective service, it can directly impact your business success.

In the recent article, “Why Customer Service Will Make Or Break Retailers This Black Friday,” 86 percent of consumers surveyed in the Harris Interactive Customer Experience Impact Report said they would cease doing business with a company after just one negative experience. This is why every customer interaction counts.

As we head into what is for many businesses the busiest time of the year, contact centers should be looking at each customer touch as an opportunity to strengthen your customer relations. Your agents are your bank or business’s front line. Each time they answer a call is a new challenge to either win or lose their trust and confidence. It’s really that simple.

While you can train your staff to provide more engaging and meaningful interactions with your customers, you shouldn’t be relying on caller authentication methods that undermine these efforts. Unfortunately, conventional knowledge-based authentication (KBA) solutions still do.

Using caller identification tools like KBA add extra time and effort for customers as they are required to answer a bunch of personal questions at the start of each call. This can lead to dropped calls and frustrated customers. Instead, call centers need to remove any processes that interrogate customers on the phone.

The TRUSTID® Physical Caller Authentication solution does this by validating the risk of each call as the phone is still ringing. With the identification process automatically taking place behind the scenes without the caller’s knowledge, the customer journey is not interrupted by agents cross-examining them on the phone. Agents can begin addressing and resolving customer issues quicker, which allows them to answer more customer calls per hour. This plays a critical role in delivering excellent customer service when call volumes are up.

Improving your customer experience over the busy holidays can build stronger and more sustainable customer relations not only during these busy times, but over the long haul. With TRUSTID’s telephone network forensics providing a higher level of security and efficiency that doesn’t jeopardize the customer experience, your team can get back to doing what it does best — provide real value to your customers over the telephone channel.