How banks can make a lasting first impression

Posted on: August 03rd, 2017 by Art Barger

First impressions matter. They often are the most lasting. So make them count.

Your customers call your contact center for one simple reason — to talk to someone on the phone, not fumble their way through a confusing IVR system. Unfortunately, the first thing most banking customers hear is an impersonal robot voice asking them to press a menu of numbers to validate who they are and direct them to an operator. When the customer finally reaches a live agent, how are they greeted? They are once again bombarded with a bunch of knowledge-based questions. 

Is this any way to greet your valued customers? Does this strengthen your relations with them or create a positive first impression?   

Every customer is important to you. The way you treat them has a big impact on how they’ll remember you, no matter what platform they choose to interact with you. For contact centers, every phone call presents a new opportunity to leave a lasting impression that increases their trust and confidence in your brand. 

The TRUSTID® Physical Caller Authentication solution helps banks create memorable first impressions every time customers pick up the phone. Using advanced telephone network forensics to invisibly validate each inbound call as the phone is ringing, TRUSTID removes several costly and disruptive steps that traditional knowledge-based authentication (KBA) tools require of each caller before agents can start to assist them, sometimes a minute or more into the call.

With the call automatically validated before it is picked up, there’s no need for bank reps to spend the first 45 to 90 seconds or more of every call interrogating customers. Instead, the call can start with a friendly greeting and go right to addressing the issue that’s important to them. Enhancing the customer authentication process and putting your customers’ needs first is a surefire way to leave a good first impression.

In recent years, customers have gotten used to putting their needs aside at the start of each call to answer a series of security questions. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Automated authentication treats customers to a more secure and efficient banking experience that respects their time by validating the call behind the scenes and resolving their issues faster.

To operate contact centers today, financial institutions need to integrate tools like TRUSTID that improve efficiencies without sacrificing the level of service they provide their customers. For bank call centers, it’s important to understand that the journey begins the moment the phone starts to ring. That’s the opportunity banks and waiting operators can make a lasting first impression. So make it count.