How do you validate inbound calls today?

Posted on: August 28th, 2014 by Art Barger

Whether you know it or not, every inbound call that comes into your contact center presents an element of risk. Your success in identifying which callers pose a threat to your customer service environment and which ones don’t depends on how quickly and accurately you can verify the authenticity of each call.

If your call center is waiting to identify callers who are already on the phone, you are already too late. At this point, you have two scenarios working against you:

  • Fraud risk: If the call is high-risk, your contact center operations is now susceptible to a criminal defeating your customer authentication process. By the time a crook gets on the line with a live telephone agent, they’ve likely got enough information with them to beat any type of knowledge-based authentication (KBA) method. So, if security questions are your primary means for identifying customers, take caution. You can bet criminals are fully prepared to answer any challenge question thrown their way. Relying on sensitive customer data to authenticate customers is risky because today’s innovative social engineers are professionals who know every angle of KBA solutions.
  • Operating costs: The moment one of your call center agents pick up the phone, you’ve essentially agreed to invest the time and resources into identifying the caller over the phone. This means that costly, non-predictive interrogations are built into your authentication process. Post-call authentication is more expensive because challenge questions absorb at least the first minute of each call, which creates operational inefficiencies that can drive up call center expenses.

By automating the customer identification process pre-call, contact centers don’t have to invest or dedicate precious time and resources determining the authenticity of each inbound call while on the phone. Financial institutions we’ve worked with have said that interrogating good customers over the phone is the longest few minutes of the customer relationship.

To eliminate those awkward seconds that directly test your customers’ trust and goodwill can help banks save money and build stronger customer relationships. With the TRUSTID® Physical Caller Authentication solution, call centers don’t have to worry about that. By validating the number before the call is answered, there’s no uncomfortable or wasted moments putting your customers in the hot seat.

Before agents pick up, a real-time forensic credential has already determined the trustworthiness of the call. High-risk calls can be removed from the phone system altogether, while only legitimate calls get routed to telephone reps. This way agents aren’t waiting to annoy callers with a lengthy security script. Instead, they are prepared to address the customer’s needs right away.

That’s the value TRUSTID brings to call center operations. By providing proactive caller validation pre-call, financial institutions can reduce their fraud risk, strengthen their profitable bank-customer relationship, and save operating expenses along the way.