TRUSTID provides an ownership-based authentication token that allows call centers to identify trusted callers before answering. This automatic, highly accurate approach lets call centers quickly identify callers that should enter trusted flows for better, faster service. This reduces operating costs and improves customer satisfaction. Identifying trusted callers so quickly also allows fraud-fighting tools to focus on unidentified calls for improved efficiency.

Our Proprietary Technology

TRUSTID performs a real-time forensic analysis within the telephone network before calls are answered. Our patented approach validates that the calling and called numbers are engaged in a call. It then validates the signal data from the call against expected patterns. Finally, an authentication token from TRUSTID is compared to the corresponding customer account records to complete the caller’s authentication.

Delivered in a pre-integrated package, TRUSTID is comprised of three core elements:

  • Network forensic: Real-time, accurate and complete telephone network forensic of every call
  • Telephony data: Telephony-carrier line level call routing and device status data
  • Phone verification: Instant telephone device proofing technology based on multiple patents.


Learn How Pre-Answer Caller Authentication Works

Our call satisfaction rate jumped 10% for callers authenticating with TRUSTID."

Top 10 Brokerage

We got solid results with TRUSTID. Fraudsters could not beat it. We shared results with the rest of the enterprise and now TRUSTID guards millions of calls in our call center every month."

Managing Director of Client Services
Top 10 Global Bank

If authenticated by TRUSTID, we allow callers to unlock accounts, transfer funds, get one-time passwords and give us travel abroad notifications."

Top 10 Global Bank