How memorable is your customer experience?

Posted on: April 14th, 2016 by Art Barger

It doesn’t matter how large or small your company is, communicating with your customers at any level is serious business. Sure, a highly functional and efficient contact center plays a key role in helping your customers quickly solve problems and growing your customer base, just as poor customer service can undermine your customer relationships and brand reputation, with a much longer impact to your business.

The recent article, “Tips for Maximizing the Customer Experience After Seven Years of Running a Call Center,” highlights the importance of providing a memorable customer experience, and what it can mean to your business profits. While ease and convenience matter, a phone call should be more than a simple chat. Each time you speak to a customer it should be treated as an experience.

The simplicity of your caller authentication process, combined with how your telephone agents treat and help your customers, is an ongoing opportunity for your contact center to create an emotional connection with your customers.

So, is your contact center meeting the “memorable experience” challenge? When it comes to serving customers, these are some of the areas that can impact their experience.

  • How convenient is it to call your contact center?
  • Is you customer service line easy to find? is it easy to remember?
  • Do you offer a local or toll-free number?
  • What’s the first thing a caller hears — a live person or a recorded phone greeting?
  • How comprehensive is your phone tree?
  • What’s your caller identification process?

Think about what it’s like to call a friend. Is the phone number readily available? Do you know the number by heart? When your customer calls, how many buttons do they need to push to speak to a live agent?

Once your customers have reached a live person, is your authentication process completed, or has it just begun? This is a critical component to the customer’s overall experience. If each call starts with a lengthy telephone interrogation to verify who they are, imagine how this is perceived by your customers. Do they feel trusted? Do they feel like your top priority?

The problem with traditional knowledge-based authentication (KBA) methods today is they don’t create a trusted interaction. Each caller is essentially guilty until proven innocent. How does that strengthen your customer relationships?

Creating a memorable experience starts with a friendly, trusted telephone environment that has no interruptions. Customer identification tools like like the TRUSTID® Physical Caller Authentication validate callers while the phone is still ringing. It’s instant and unobtrusive, meaning the authentication process is done behind the scenes to not disrupt the caller’s experience. When a call center agent picks up, the authentication process is already behind them, and the telephone rep can immediately begin addressing their call without the need to ask a bunch of security questions to verify who they are.

Through automated authentication, banks and businesses can create more trusted and memorable experiences that not only keeps them happy, but provides an emotional connection between your customers and your brand. And that’s an experience worth remembering.