How technology can help modernize today’s call center

Posted on: August 20th, 2015 by Art Barger

Keeping up with the growing number of interactive channels available to banking customers is a daily challenge for today’s contact centers. To do so, they need to modernize their operations. This includes deploying the latest technologies to ensure they are meeting more stringent customer service demands around efficiency and problem resolution.

When most people think about call centers, flashes of old-school technology typical come to mind. They figure innovative technology and services are best saved for more modern customer channels like the web and other banking apps. But this just isn’t the case.

To meet the changing demands of more tech-savvy consumers who are also becoming increasingly impatient with slow customer service, contact centers must leverage new and emerging technologies to help them better serve their customers in a timely fashion.

When enhancing your call center operations, there are several areas to consider before choosing what technologies can help you reach your business goals. These can influence your operational priorities and decisions when choosing, investing and integrating new technologies into your system. The following are a some key areas that contact centers must consider when modernizing their telephone operations:

  • Operational budget
  • Monthly call volumes
  • Average call handle times
  • Customer relationships
  • Customer satisfaction rates
  • Caller authentication process
  • Technology integration and deployment management
  • Industry standards and regulatory compliance
  • Customer trends
  • Key operational issues and obstacles

To help improve the customer experience and reduce operating costs, we at TRUSTID are focused on the time it takes to authentication each inbound call. This plays a critical role in most of the things listed above, including annual operating expenses and the profitable bank-customer relationship.

Leveraging the TRUSTID® Physical Caller Authentication solution, contact centers can dramatically slash the amount of time between authenticating callers and resolving their issues. We do this through pre-call automated authentication. By instantly and invisibly validating customers while the phone is still ringing, verified good callers are immediately routed to the appropriate operator, which speeds up the customer experience. And when customers are authenticated before the call is picked up, telephone representatives don’t have to interrogate them with a bunch of identity questions that can negatively impact their banking experience.

On the flip side, when a call is identified as spoofed, it’s removed from the telephone system in real time. This way no time or budget is wasted talking to known bad actors.

While the general perception of call centers may still be stuck somewhere in the 1980s, by deploying innovative technologies and services like TRUSTID’s patented telephone authentication tool, call centers can modernize their operations to meet changing customer demands while saving valuable time and money in the process.