Is your brand hanging in the balance?

Posted on: November 05th, 2015 by Art Barger

When it comes to your brand, you could say a lot of things hang in the balance. For example, the trust all banks strive to achieve and maintain is ultimately determined by customer perception. But much of what shapes these opinions depends on our level of security and overall banking experience. With all these moving parts constantly in motion, customer satisfaction can be won or lost every time a contact center rep talks to a customer.

In the Neustar report, “What Erodes Trust in Digital Brands?” consumers provided some insight on what impacts their opinions of brands. While the survey focuses on digital assets, it provides valuable information that all customer channels, including the call center, can learn from. Some of the report’s findings include:

  • 63% of consumers distrust brands that have been breached
  • A year after a data breach, over 50% of people still view the brand negatively
  • 95% of consumers have high expectations for the security in banking
  • Roughly half of all consumers say security and privacy are important to brand perception
  • 69% of consumers leave a website because of security concerns
  • A one-second delay in web page load equals a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction

We know the important role that performance plays in customer satisfaction. Whether customers are banking online, interacting with a call center agent, or getting through the authentication process, every piece of the banking experience has a direct impact on how consumers view your brand.

Similar to customer satisfaction, your relationship with customers is either strengthened or weakened each time one of your telephone agents talks to a customer. Together, these customer-facing opportunities can build or damage how much consumers trust your brand over time.

We’re all busy working around the clock protecting customers and delivering a quality banking experience. Doing this, however, requires ongoing evaluations to ensure we’re deploying effective, cost-efficient solutions that help improve security and speed up service delivery.

In the end, your brand may be your bank’s most valuable asset. To help strengthen how customers perceive your brand, financial institutions need to invest in automated tools like the TRUSTID® Physical Caller Authentication. Proactive call center solutions like these make customer environments more secure and efficient, which help deliver a better overall experience. With your brand at stake, taking steps to ensure your customers are safe and well taken care is the best way to make sure you don’t leave their perceptions hanging in the balance.