Make customer service shine this holiday season

Posted on: November 20th, 2013 by Art Barger

With the holiday season fast approaching, holiday cheer is expected to one and all. For financial institutions and other companies, this means providing exceptional customer service.

Most businesses expect higher sales volumes this time of year. With more customers coming through any number of sales channels, this is when customer service departments need to shine. And the telephone channel is leading the way.

In the article, “Customer Service Expert Urges Retailers to Focus on Service During the Holidays,” American Express found that when customers run into issues, they prefer to pick up the phone and talk to a live person. Sixty-five percent (65%) of respondents in the Amex survey preferred to speak to a live person for minor issues, compared to the 10 percent who preferred web or email assistance. When the issues became serious, 76 percent of respondents said they pick up the telephone for help.

Online customer service may be on the rise, but there’s no denying how much consumers still rely on live telephone support to get their issues resolved. For organizations, providing strong customer service goes beyond simply solving problems, it enhances customer relations. When it’s done right, it also strengthens brand integrity and customer loyalty. 

Amex also found that “a rude or unresponsive customer service representative” is the most likely customer service issue that influences consumers to switch brands or companies. With people now telling an average of 24 people about a bad experience — opposed to telling 15 people about a good experience — businesses cannot afford to have unhappy customers expressing their frustrations across the Internet.

This is where fast, effective, personal customer service comes in to play. While strong policies and procedures can help strengthen customer relations, technical solutions that proactively authenticate inbound calls can also play an integral role.

By invisibly validating whether an incoming call is high-risk or trustworthy before a customer service representative even answers the phone, the TRUSTID® Physical Caller Authentication tool allows banks and businesses alike to do two things to improve the overall customer experience.

First, by proactively knowing the call can be trusted, the contact center agent can confidently pick up the phone and begin addressing the customer’s needs right away. This leads to a faster, more satisfied customer experience. On the flip side, by stopping bad calls from reaching the call center, telephone representatives don’t waste precious time and resources on high-risk calls. This not only helps businesses save valuable time and money, but allows them to focus on providing better customer service on verified customers this holiday season, and throughout the year.