Make the most of your call center’s speed-to-answer times

Posted on: June 01st, 2016 by Art Barger

Achieving high marks in call center efficiency and customer service requires fast call speed-to-answer times. While banks may be getting quicker at picking up the phone within 30 seconds, what happens next can make or break your customer experience.

If a customer is greeted by an onslaught of security questions before the telephone agent can begin assisting them, the flow of the call is broken. The customer has to then change their thought process to remember answers to a bunch of personal questions they might have forgotten.

This process, known as knowledge-based authentication (KBA), can leave good customers irritated. Now, not only is the issue or problem they’ve called about put aside for an unexpected telephone interrogation, but there’s a good chance they’ll have to go through several steps to prove they are who they are. This not only cause irreversible damage to your bank-customer relationships, but it costs your call center operations more money by adding an average of 45 seconds or more to each inbound call.

The first 60 seconds of each call, or what we like to call the “golden minute,” are precious to both your contact center operations and your customer experience. Any delays during the first minute can drive up expenses and impact your profitable bank-customer relationships. 

The key to efficient speed-to-answer times is caller validation. When customers, or the risk of the call, are authenticated before the phone is picked up by an agent or routed to an IVR system, there’s no longer a need to interrogate them. The bank rep can immediately beginning addressing their needs and resolve their problems in a timely manner.

The TRUSTID® Physical Caller Authentication solution helps financial institutions and other businesses remove unnecessary processes that impact your customer journey and relationships. Using advanced telephone network forensics to instantly and invisibly verify calls while the phone is ringing, TRUSTID gives banks the opportunity to make the most of the golden minute.

Because the call has already been verified, good customers are greeted by a friendly voice asking them why they’ve called. Their problems are resolved faster, building more trust and a stronger bond with their customers.

We know the first minute of each customer call is precious. Don’t let costly, non-predictive KBA tools negatively impact your customer experience, brand reputation and business profits. Instead, let TRUSTID help you reach a higher level of security and efficiency in your contact center environment while making the most of your speed-to-answer call times.