Meaningful customer relationships start after the purchase

Posted on: September 21st, 2016 by Art Barger

Today’s consumers evaluate a number of things about a company or product before making a purchase. Lower prices and high quality may help businesses get customers in the door, but it’s how you serve them after a purchase is made that will determine how long they’ll stick around.

According to the article, “Tips for Transforming Your Call Center Into a Profit Center,” companies compete for business on several levels. But no matter what initially wins them over, it’s the entire customer experience that has the biggest impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The post-purchasing journey — after a customer has purchased a product or service — is where the contact center can play a role in your bank or business’s long-term success. This is the point where customers are retained and loyalty is earned.

In the article, there are three ways your call center can help transform your customer journey.

  • Be where your customers are: To provide a satisfying experience for your customers, offer them convenient ways to interact with you. Understand how they prefer to do business with you — by email, text, phone or live chat — and make these channels available to them.
  • Be there for your customers: When your customers want answers, they want to be heard. No matter what channel they choose, they want someone who is readily available and can quickly respond to their needs.
  • Communicate across multiple channels: Having immediate access to a customer’s information is important for enterprises that communicate with their customers across different channels. The ability to access their information without bombarding them with a bunch of personal questions can make the process fast and effective, and they’ll appreciate that.   

While these areas include multiple channels, one of your customers’ most preferred methods of communication is the telephone. With hundreds to thousands of inbound calls being picked up by your call center agents each day, it’s important that you aren’t wasting anyone’s time with unnecessary processes or procedures. a seamless customer journey can help set your business apart from the competition.

Efficiently helping customers over the channels they want is one way banking institutions are transforming themselves. In the telephone channel, replacing lengthy and nonpredictive knowledge-based authentication (KBA) tools with real-time automated caller identification services like the TRUSTID® Physical Caller Authentication solution can help your contact center deliver a more effective and meaningful customer experience beyond the initial purchasing phase. By validating customers while the phone is still ringing, TRUSTID allows agents to serve customers more efficiently without the need to interrupt the customer journey with unnecessary telephone interrogations.

After a customer has purchased your product or service, the profitable customer relationship begins. It’s what you do from there that will determine if you have earned your customers’ trust and loyalty, or if they will start looking for a competitor who puts their needs first.