New TRUSTID-Nuance partnership provides call centers best-in-class customer authentication

Posted on: July 16th, 2014 by Art Barger

Most of today’s telephone customer authentication solutions are single-factor methods that cover one form of identification. Whether it’s something the user knows, something the user has or something the user is, working alone to identify customers is risky, and can put your business and customer sensitive data in a compromising position.

TRUSTID recently announced that we’ve partnered with Nuance Communications to give financial and telecommunication organizations the convenience and business benefits of two-factor authentication in a single solution. You can say it’s a one-two punch for customer identification over the telephone channel.

Nuance voice biometrics detects the unique characteristics of a person’s voice. Through a simple conversation, it creates a voiceprint that helps confirm who the person is whenever they call. This helps contact centers confidently identify callers they are talking to.

What we bring to the solution comes before the call is answered. Our innovative TRUSTID® Physical Caller Authentication solution provides pre-call validation of the caller’s device. Before the inbound call is picked up by a customer service agent, we verify the exact physical location of the calling device using proprietary real-time telephone network forensics. Verifying “something the user has” provides a proactive second factor of authentication for the telephone channel.

Working together, TRUSTID and Nuance helps call centers streamline their customer authentication processes and fight fraud at the same time. Banks and businesses no longer have to use intrusive and time-consuming security questions to determine if a call is trustworthy or not. These knowledge-based authentication (KBA) methods fall short of true, two-factor authentication, are not predictive for identifying customers, and add more time to each customer call, which drives up annual operating costs.

Deploying a complete, end-to-end authentication solution can help contact centers reduce average handling times (AHT), strengthen their security and anti-fraud measures, and reduce overall operating costs. All this, while achieve the recommended two-factor authentication that today’s growing call center operations need to reduce fraud rates and improve overall operational efficiency.