Putting trust back into the telephone banking experience

Posted on: August 12th, 2015 by Art Barger

The simple truth is contact centers operate in a “trust no one” culture. However unfortunate, it’s the reality of today’s telephone channel environment.

To protect our customers and their sensitive data, each time they call we must first put them through an authentication process to validate their identity. The way we identify them over the phone is critical to the bank-customer relationship. The less intrusive the process, the better the outcome is for both parties. Customers get their issues resolved in a timely fashion, while banks and businesses maintain a strong, trustworthy relationship with their customers.

Maintaining a high level of trust with your customers can depend on the tools you use to identify them over the phone. The best case scenario would look something like this.

Your customer calls your contact center wanting to make a transfer or resolve a problem. After a couple of rings, a friendly telephone agent picks up and greets the customer. Instead of bombarding them with a bunch of identity questions, they get right to the customer’s problem. After an engaging, uninterrupted interaction, the customer’s issues are resolved and they are off on their merry way. The customer leaves satisfied with your service, feeling more confident than ever about your brand.

This can only happen when the authentication solution validates the customer before the call connects. When customers are forced to answer identity questions employed by knowledge-based authentication (KBA) solutions, it interrupts the customer experience, frustrating customers and chipping away at their patience and loyalty.

The truth is, when it comes to identifying customers over the telephone channel, nobody wants to feel like the are at a masquerade ball. Both you and your customers want to get through the validation process as quickly as possible, removing all doubt and distrust that stands in the way of providing a more secure and satisfying banking experience for your customers.

With the patented TRUSTID® Physical Caller Authentication solution, contact centers automatically and invisibly authenticate callers while the phone is still ringing. By determining the risk of each inbound call before it is answered, spoofed calls are flagged and kept out of the call center so agents don’t have to waste time or money validating their identity. And when bad calls are out of the system, agents can get to more good customers faster. This creates a more positive customer-agent experience that builds a more efficient and trusted telephone environment for your valued customers.