Removing friction from your telephone banking experience

Posted on: October 29th, 2015 by Art Barger

The key to a great customer experience often comes down to frictionless authentication. Because customers would prefer to skip annoying telephone security questions, and knowledge-based authentication (KBA) continues to be an ongoing pain point for contact centers, a call that isn’t interrupted by a bunch of challenge questions or an intrusive authentication process is critical to improving your level of customer service and overall customer satisfaction.

The article, “Voice biometrics sounds like better idea,” provides some valid points around achieving faster customer authentication over the telephone channel, without relying on KBA methods that have become costly, non-predictive for caller identification, and burdensome to your valued customers. With security questions taking an average of 45 seconds to get through, it’s not hard to imagine the additional expense your call center is hit with, let alone the impact it has on your customer relationships.

As banks get better at securing their digital channels, criminals continue to turn their efforts to the phone channel. Of course, one of the top priorities is to protect the customer environment from crooks and their tricky social engineering schemes. But in doing so, it shouldn’t come at the expense of your good customers.

While a number of biometric voice recognition solutions can help boost telephone security levels and speed up the authentication process, they still fall short in a number of areas. For example, voice biometrics are, by and large, single-factor authentication solutions, which doesn’t meet the FFIEC’s multi-factor security recommendations. And because identify customers mid-call, they continue to have their own challenges around disrupting the customer experience.

Nuance’s biometric voice technology, however, includes a second layer of authentication within the solution. Combined with TRUSTID’s real-time telephone network forensics, it provides two powerful authentication solutions in one. TRUSTID instantly validates the location of the calling device to determine the risk of the call while it is still ringing. So, before the inbound call is routed to a telephone agent, the contact center can decide in real-time what to do with the call based on the result.

If the call it identified as a spoofed Caller ID, it can be removed from the telephone system. Good customers, on the other hand, can be sent to the appropriate operator without disruption. That’s one factor of authentication already taken care of before the call is even answered. Nuance then provide the other with its voice recognition technology to authenticate callers on the line.

Working together, Nuance and TRUSTID provide an end-to-end, multi-factor authentication solution that helps contact centers root out bad guys and remove unnecessary operating costs it takes to identify them. By creating a faster, more seamless telephone experience, banks are a step closer to achieving their goal of increasing customer satisfaction within the call center channel.