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  • The Three Types of Lies: Lies, Damned Lies, and Caller ID
  • The Death of Knowledge-based Authentication as We Know It
  • Trusted Call FlowTM Solution

These reports discuss the flaws in use of knowledge-based authentication, which grow bigger every day as personal information is hacked from companies such as Equifax and Yahoo. They also cover the use of calling party number systems – caller ID and ANI – for location and identity authentication with a focus on inbound telephone customer services. Finally, we explain the importance of a Trusted Caller Flow strategy.

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If authenticated by TRUSTID, we allow callers to unlock accounts, transfer funds, get one-time passwords and give us travel abroad notifications."

Top 10 Global Bank

We got solid results with TRUSTID. Fraudsters could not beat it. We shared results with the rest of the enterprise and now TRUSTID guards millions of calls in our call center every month."

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Top 10 Global Bank

Our call satisfaction rate jumped 10% for callers authenticating with TRUSTID."

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