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This report discusses the use of calling party number systems – Caller ID and ANI – for location and identity authentication, with a focus on inbound telephone customer services, as well as the risks to the usefulness of this telephonic channel as a secure place to conduct commerce.


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Since it is now commonly sold by criminals, personal information for identity authentication is no longer the single solution to identity resolution. The value of knowing reliably that a customer is calling from their phone is far better security than knowing the last four digits of someone’s SSN’’

VP of Card Fraud
Large International Bank

Offshore agents are highly vulnerable to fraud schemes and social engineering. TRUSTID’s solution enables informed routing decisions, optimizing agent cost reduction programs.’’

Top 10 Global Bank

Authentication without caller involvement materially improves the customer experience, especially for ‘premier accounts.’ TRUSTID will greatly assist with not only customer service, but also with board level compliance issues.’’

Top 10 Global Bank