The Result

Change The Economics Of Your Call Centers

Reduce Costs by 20%

People are your largest authentication expense. Using them in the authentication process adds risk, time, cost and frustration for agents and customers. By automating the caller authentication process, TRUSTID shaves seconds off of every incoming call. Cost savings quickly mount into the millions.

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Improve Every Customer’s Experience

By starting customers’ calls with a helpful greeting, not an identity interrogation, you show that you value their time and their business. Instead of apologizing for the inconvenience, your call agents will have an easier time providing excellent service.

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25x Better Security

By automatically and invisibly authenticating the caller’s identity, TRUSTID eliminates the opportunity for criminals to trick your call agents or system. They can’t socially engineer with a sob story. They can’t impersonate a customer with information they bought online. They get nothing, and they never know why.

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