The Result

Change The Economics Of Your Call Centers

Reduce Costs by 20%

Your largest authentication expense comes from people. They add risk, time and cost to your authentication process. Our pre-answer caller authentication removes people from the equation. That shaves 30-90 seconds off of every incoming call, increases IVR self-service and quickly drives cost savings into the millions.

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Improve Every Customer’s Experience

By starting customers’ calls with a helpful greeting, not an identity interrogation, you show that you value their time and their business. When agents can begin problem solving faster, your callers benefit even more. Oh, by the way, happier agents make better brand representatives and are less likely to quit.

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Increase Fraud-Fighting ROI

By automatically and invisibly authenticating callers’ identities, TRUSTID removes trusted callers from your fraud efforts. This increases the ROI on your fraud-fighting investments and eliminates false positives. And by automating the authentication of trusted callers, your agents focus better when they have to authenticate unvalidated callers manually.

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