Scaling to meet higher call volumes

Posted on: September 11th, 2014 by Art Barger

I’ve recently discussed the business drawbacks of keeping your customers waiting, and how your IVR system and unnecessary telephone interrogations can impact your profitable customer relationships.

As your call center receives more monthly and yearly inbound calls, not having the right processes and adequate resources in place to meet this growing demand will likely result in higher call handle times. This can have major repercussions on your operating expenses, as well as your customer experience, retention and overall customer satisfaction.

The recent article, “Call center wait times climb in Missouri as Medicaid applicants seek answers,” provides an excellent example of how a slow and inefficient call center can impact your customers. For Missouri’s Medicaid application process, customers were directed to use a toll-free number. As incoming calls increased, the contact center did not have enough resources to handle larger call volumes. As a result, wait times more than doubled year over year, peaking at 48 minutes in March.

Not only were these increased wait times in violation of the call center’s contract agreement, but the average enrollment dropped by over 37,000 people compared to the previous year. Joel Ferber, directory of advocacy for Legal Services of Eastern Missouri, said the call center has played a key role in the drop in enrollment.

“It’s an overwhelming problem because clients are unable to get answers to, and or assistance with, the problem they are having (delays or lost documents). The call center issues are part of the problem.”

Having the right people and processes to scale your call center environment is critical to your business success. This includes everything from having the staff to handle sudden call spikes to deploying authentication solutions that quickly identify callers to ensure a safe and secure experience.

At TRUSTID, we help keep your telephone channel safe with real-time automated caller authentication that doesn’t require intensive training to authenticate callers. That’s because our TRUSTID® Physical Caller Authentication solution is a proactive process that invisibly validates the caller before the phone is picked up. If the call is spoofed, it can be automatically denied so your call center agents don’t have to waste time answering high-risk calls. If it is verified as a legitimate caller, your telephone reps can begin serving customers right away.

By eliminating known spoofed callers from your telephone system, contact center agents can get to more good callers faster and provide quick answers to their problems. This is why automating your customer authentication process is a win-win in our book. Not only do you reduce increasing operating expenses, but you also improve your overall customer experience. These are two critical factors when your telephone channel is experiencing increasing call volumes.