Setting the stage for quality customer service

Posted on: June 12th, 2014 by Art Barger

Conversations can go in many directions. While most of us strive for that perfect customer interaction — where we keep a friendly tone and resolve their issues faster than they expect — the reality with customer service is we often fall short of the customer’s expectation.

This doesn’t mean every conversation ends up with the customer hanging up out of frustration or overjoyed about how well they were taken care of. The truth for most customer service call centers is, we mostly fall somewhere in the middle.

In the article, “How to Create High Quality Customer Conversations,” making a direct connection with your customers is more important than ever. As consumers use multiple platforms to connect with their favorite brands, making sure you deliver a seamless experience can have an impact on your overall relationships and success.

This doesn’t mean bombarding your customers with corporate messaging every time you get on the phone with them. According to the article, building stronger, trusted customer relationships requires listening to your customers and having an open conversation to learn who they are and what they need. Sales channels like the call center provide an opportunity for banks and businesses to strengthen customer trust, confidence and goodwill.

“Never before have customers positively clamored for so much direct connection with brands. Creating high-quality conversations with customers requires a commitment to tools and skills that encourage natural momentum and trust.”

Delivering exceptional customer service over the telephone channel is much more than having a friendly voice following a clever authentication script. It also requires preparation to make sure the stage is set for addressing the customer’s needs before the call center agent even picks up the phone. This is important because it mitigates disruptions to free-flowing conversations with your customers.

When it comes to identifying customers over the phone, authentication is one of the necessary evils. Verifying customers using post-call knowledge-based authentication (KBA) solutions interrupts the customer service process to the point where it’s frustrating to customers and not predictive for validating who your telephone reps are actually talking to.

The TRUSTID® Physical Caller Authentication solution helps call centers set the stage for effective conversations that can lead to better overall customer service. By automatically determining the authenticity of the call before it is answered, contact center agents no longer have to interrupt the conversation with a bunch of security questions to identify the caller. Instead, they get right to the issues at hand.

By authenticating the Caller ID and ANI pre-call, the precious minutes you spend on the phone is not wasted with security questions, but is much more productive as you serve quickly the needs and build goodwill with your valued customers.