The Solution

Serve Customers Faster. Stop Criminals Sooner.

TRUSTID authenticates every caller automatically, instantly and invisibly before they connect to your call center. Valued customers get help faster, while suspicious callers get routed to forewarned staff.


  • Before the call is answered, TRUSTID verifies that it’s coming from a trustworthy phone.
  • TRUSTID tags the source of the call as valid or potentially spoofed.
  • Seconds after receiving the call, TRUSTID’s results indicate the most appropriate and profitable way to proceed:
    • For valued customers, serve them faster, and shave costs off every call.
    • For potentially fraudulent callers, approach with caution, and mitigate potential risk.

Authenticate The Person, Not Just The Device

Personal information is less secure than personal possessions. That’s why TRUSTID turns phones into ownership identity tokens, the most practical and effective form of authentication available. Because it can’t be manipulated, TRUSTID restores the credibility of ANI and Caller ID, ubiquitous authentication tools for the telephone channel.

Lightweight Implementation

As a Software-as-a-Service, TRUSTID requires no capital investment and integrates quickly into your existing system. Combined with best Internet security practices, TRUSTID will help your enterprise reduce costs and optimize IT resources. Low cost and lightweight, TRUSTID is perfect for lean businesses operations.

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