The Solution

Instantly Authenticate Trusted Callers

TRUSTID authenticates all callers automatically, instantly and invisibly before their call is answered. These trusted callers get help faster, while suspicious callers get routed to forewarned staff.

By quickly and strongly authenticating callers it’s easy to create a Trusted Caller FlowTM solution that minimizes knowledge-based authentication, increases IVR containment, lavishes callers with self-service options and allows agents to move quickly into problem solving mode instead of identity-interrogating callers. And by splitting out trusted callers right away, it’s possible just to focus fraud fighting staff and tools on more questionable callers.

TRUSTID’s pre-answer caller authentication is the ideal way to create a Trusted Caller Flow approach. Before a call is even answered, TRUSTID verifies that it’s coming from a trustworthy phone. TRUSTID tags trusted calls as valid. Within seconds, valued customers can be routed into a flow with shorter call times, more self-service and better security. Non-validated callers can be served with the next best authentication strategy. This is also where there may be fraudsters, so approach with caution.

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Authenticate The Device, Authenticate the Person

Personal information is less secure than personal possessions. That’s why TRUSTID turns phones into ownership identity tokens, the most practical and effective form of authentication available. Because it can’t be manipulated, TRUSTID restores the credibility of ANI and Caller ID, ubiquitous authentication tools for the telephone channel.

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Lightweight Implementation

As a Software-as-a-Service, TRUSTID requires no capital investment and integrates quickly into your existing system. Combined with best Internet security practices, TRUSTID will help your enterprise reduce costs and optimize IT resources. Low cost and lightweight, TRUSTID is perfect for lean businesses operations.

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