Telephone channel adds a personal touch to the banking experience

Posted on: May 15th, 2014 by Art Barger

The financial services industry has seen a dramatic shift in how people bank. Think about it. Just a few short years ago, the speed and convenience of remote desktop banking became a preferred method over visiting a local branch office to make a payment or transfer money. Today, mobile banking — essentially a “computer-on-the-go” — is making an impact on how people and businesses manage their finances.

In the article, “Businesses Value Mobile Banking: Study,” many small businesses are seeing a jump in mobile banking activity. With mobile banking on the rise, the 2014 Monetizing Mobile Banking for Small Business Consumers report found that small businesses prefer to pay a monthly fee to give customers unlimited banking services over their mobile devices.

The study also cited that reaching a financial institution when needed, as in calling customer service, as one of the top three basic interactive mobile banking services for respondents. Once again, in the midst of all the groundbreaking technology, we still find that customer prefer talking to someone on the phone when they need help.

This, of course, is no surprise to us at TRUSTID. Working with banks and businesses to improve the efficiency and security of their call center operations, we understand the role the contact center plays in the bank-customer relationship.

Often written off as a sales channel that plays a lesser role in customer service, this mentality cannot be further from the truth. Despite adopting new platforms like online and mobile to do business, the call center has, and continues to play, a key role in the customer experience.

With billions of inbound calls coming in each year, the telephone channel creates a huge opportunity for banks to service or resolve issues after something’s gone wrong over another channel. Putting a personal touch to a frustrated caller can change their day, and can also do wonders to the corporate brand.

The key is doing it securely and efficiently. This means having a way to identify customers over the phone quickly without disrupting the caller experience with an annoying and frustrating telephone interrogation. That just exasperates the problem.

That’s where the TRUSTID® Physical Caller Authentication’s real-time telephone network forensics can help. By automatically authenticating customers before the call is answered, TRUSTID creates a secure environment for users and allows contact center agents to instantly resolve customer issues faster for a more efficient and satisfying overall banking experience.