The benefits of establishing trust before the call connects

Posted on: April 03rd, 2014 by Art Barger

When business is booming, your call center switchboards are lighting up. More customer calls pouring in, and you have to find a way to quickly authenticate each incoming call and deliver rock solid customer service before sending your customers happily on their way. If your call center is experiencing higher call volumes, then you know what I’m talking about.

As customer demands grow, the time it takes to identify callers plays an increasingly important role in the cost and success of your business operations. Because time is money, you need a telephone authentication solution that doesn’t waste the precious time of your customers or call center agents. What you need is a way to understand the risk of each call before it is picked up — not when your phone reps are on the line with customers trying to resolve the issue at hand. Better yet, trust needs to be established before the call even connects.

Today, the only way banks and businesses can verify the authenticity of inbound calls before they are answered is through the TRUSTID® Physical Caller Authentication solution. Using our patented telephone network forensics, we are the only automatic instant and invisible authentication service that authenticates all incoming calls before they reach telephone operators. As a result, contact center can benefit in 

  • Prevent phone fraud: By validating the physical location of the calling device, we identify suspicious calls before they get put through. This removes high-risk callers from getting the chance to social engineer contact center agents and committing criminal or disruptive behavior. But the benefits of proactive caller authentication doesn’t stop at preventing phone fraud.
  • Remove unnecessary processes: When TRUSTID verifies that a call is coming from a legitimate customer, companies get the confirmation they need faster. At that point, these’s no need to interrogate them over the phone with a bunch of security questions. They’ve already been identified. So, at the time the call center rep picks up, they know who they are talking to and can immediately begin addressing their needs.
  • Enhance the customer experience: Eliminating bad calls from the system means contact centers no longer have to waste valuable time and money identifying customers with expensive, slow and non-predictive knowledge-based authentication (KBA) methods. Along with enhancing the overall customer experience, faster telephone authentication drives down average call handle times, which can save an average of fifty cents per call. 

As your call center grows, the ability to identify callers pre-answer can help you create a more trusted, scalable and cost-efficient call center environment that’s safer for your customers, too.