The challenges of upgrading your call center

Posted on: October 13th, 2016 by Art Barger

To ensure your contact center is providing the highest level of customer care and support, you need to evolve your operations by deploying the latest tools and services. However, integrating new technology oftentimes requires updating your phone system and other supporting hardware. These upfront implementation costs don’t include ongoing investments in the countless hours and resources to properly train current and future staff.

The recent article, “How to Tackle 4 Key Challenges,” discusses some of today’s biggest obstacles with upgrading contact centers. From the cost of updating hardware and monthly phone charges to managing ongoing Internet and network issues, we’re reminded that upgrading your call center is no easy task.

Part of staying competitive means providing the highest level of security to your customers. Along with keeping them happy, ensuring they are safe from growing telephone threats is a key differentiator in today’s marketplace. With budgets tight and customer demands always on the rise, it’s important to find solutions that are cost-effective and provide value to both your customers and your call center operations. 

The TRUSTID® Physical Caller Authentication tool is a software-as-a-service solution that helps banks and other businesses keep their telephone channel on par with their customers’ needs while creating an efficient and secure environment. By automatically verifying the risk of each inbound call as the phone is ringing, TRUSTID allows banking institutions to improve the security of their enterprises and strengthen their profitable bank-customer relationships, all without requiring capital investment or spending countless hours training your telephone agents.

A low cost and lightweight software-as-a-service, TRUSTID integrates quickly into your existing telephone system. For call center reps who once prepared to interrogate unvalidated calls with a bunch of knowledge-based authentication (KBA) security questions, the post-call identification process is no longer needed. By the time a rep answers the telephone, the authentication process is already completed. Based on the bank’s threshold, only calls that verify genuine customers are routed to telephone operators. Caller IDs that are identified as spoofed in the pre-call process never make to an operator, so there’s no need to interrogate good customers.

Combining advanced telephone network forensics with best-in-class Internet security practices, TRUSTID provides identity-predictive credentials that allow banks to take action on each call in real time without requiring phone scripts that add more time and labor costs to each call. By eliminating unnecessary KBA methods to your caller identification process, we give banking institutions an extra layer of authentication to optimize their telephone channel and reduce their overall operating costs.