Transforming the customer experience

Posted on: November 20th, 2014 by Art Barger

If there’s one thing consumers appreciate, it’s fast service. Heck, speedy service is how businesses like Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches differentiate themselves from the competition.

While I’m not saying banks should model themselves after fast food chains, there’s something to be said about serving people on the go. Slowing customers down can sometimes be the deal breaker for those who value time over anything else. I think it’s fair to say that the speed and convenience of online shopping has played a key role in why trends in Internet sales have climbed so dramatically in recent years. So, why wouldn’t it be the same when it comes to customer service?

The same applies to other customer channels such as the telephone. Putting your customers on hold or requiring them to go through a lengthy phone interrogation only slows them down from resolving the issue they called about in the first place.

Satisfying impatient consumers requires call centers to perform certain functions faster than ever before. This includes the authentication process. A necessary evil for all bank contact centers, authenticating customers over the telephone requires validating the identity of each caller through several attributes.

Without compromising the safety or security of your telephone channel, making sure these processes don’t impede what your valued customers are trying to accomplish is paramount to the experience and overall satisfaction with your brand. In the end, it’s the interaction between you and your customers that ultimately defines your ability to retain and attract new customers.

TRUSTID was built to help banks and businesses improve the security of their call center environments and transform their customer experience.

Using the TRUSTID® Physical Caller Authentication solution, the caller’s identity and the level of risk is determined before they get the opportunity to speak to a customer service representative. Our proven network-based forensic technology invisibly authenticates the Caller ID and ANI in real time. Whether the call is determined as valid or suspicious, banks can have high-risk calls removed from the phone system or routed to the appropriate staff.

When good callers are verified and sent directly to call center agents, instead of being put through an unwanted telephone interrogation their needs are immediately addressed by representatives who know they are talking to legitimate customers. This allows banks to service customers faster, strengthen the profitable bank-customer relationship, and provides a secure environment that doesn’t add unnecessary costs to their annual business operations.