Turn caller authentication into actionable business value

Posted on: July 21st, 2016 by Art Barger

Contact centers are ever-changing. We all know this. As new technology pushes the industry forward, financial institutions are doing whatever they can to ensure their telephone channels are protected from evolving threats while improving productivity levels. But, are they keeping up?

A new survey conducted by Evolve IP found that contact centers still demand effective business tools to optimize their call center operations.

Improving agent productivity and reducing expenses were two of the biggest concerns for contact center leaders in North America. Over half of respondents said they struggled to improve agent productivity, rating it between “challenging” and “extremely challenging.” Another 16 percent said that reducing costs was “very” to “extremely challenging.”

These areas followed respondents’ top concern of insufficient reporting and analytics. The need for turning meaningful business data into actionable business value is something all call centers aspire to, said Scott Kinka, chief technology and product officer at Evolve IP.

“Contact centers are rich with data, yet it’s often where many stop adding business value. The survey shows a strong desire for contact center leaders to integrate with other systems and to start delivering meaningful business insights.”

Today, business success is contingent on the value that your data provides. In other words, if your business intelligence is not helping your call center operations and telephone agents work more efficiently, you may not be getting the value you need to improve your overall productivity.

Customer authentication, for example, is one way technology can deliver meaningful customer insights to better protect your telephone environment and improve agent productivity.

With the TRUSTID® Physical Caller Authentication tool, banks automatically get meaningful customer information that they can act on in real time. By validating the physical device locations before the phone is picked up, telephone agents can get to more good customers faster. This improves agent productivity levels.

For calls that are verified as spoofed or high-risk, banks can take appropriate action on them or remove them from the telephone system altogether. This improves the overall security and efficiency of your call center operations. Plus, your agents don’t waste valuable time, resources and labor costs talking to social engineers and other impostors.

As today’s banks look for ways to reduce expenses and increase security and productivity, tools like TRUSTID deliver actionable business value that can help optimize their overall contact center operations.