What are your 2015 call center resolutions?

Posted on: January 22nd, 2015 by Art Barger

The new year is when we commit to live healthier, more productive lives. For call centers, this translates into improving the safety and efficiency of our customer experience. While these are certainly top priorities for any contact center, achieving them in an increasingly complex customer environment is not always easy.

The truth is, call centers today are wasting millions of seconds – which equates to dollars – when using inefficient identity-interrogation protocols that unnecessarily prolong calls, frustrate customers, and empower criminals.

Improving your customer satisfaction rates oftentimes requires changing the way you do things, or finding new methods of strengthening your current procedures. Creating new initiatives and deploying new tools to achieve corporate business goals can play a huge part in the bigger picture.

With 2015 well underway, I thought I’d discuss a few New Year’s resolutions call centers may be putting on their list:

  • Reduce call center costs: Each year, you watch your operating costs increase. Why’s that? These hikes are largely due to more inbound calls and longer call times. While there may be little you can do about the growing number of customer calls, what you can control is the average time your agents spend on each call. Today, too many banks still use knowledge-based authentication (KBA) processes that can add a minute or more to each call. Combined with the amount of annual calls, these extra seconds and minutes turn into hundreds of thousands of hours, significantly driving up your labor costs. Automating authentication processes before telephone reps pick up, however, can remove lengthy phone interrogations that slash unnecessary minutes and, ultimately, operating costs.
  • Shut out criminals: Today, there are many ways crooks can sneak into your telephone system. To reduce your risk of becoming a victim of voice phishing or social engineering attacks through spoofed Caller IDs and ANIs, you need an authentication tool that doesn’t rely on sensitive customer data like date of birth, mother’s maiden name or the last four digits of a Social Security number. These are some of the key criminals use to slip past traditional KBA solutions. With private information not so private anymore, automatically identifying callers is key. Proactively validating callers in real-time is one of the most effective ways banks can shut criminals out of their phone system before crooks have a chance to impersonate customers or commit other types of phone fraud.
  • Increase customer satisfaction: While this goes without saying, it won’t happen without the right tools in place. Sustainable customer satisfaction requires a combination of things, including trust, speed, friendliness, and the ability to exceed their expectations. TRUSTID helps financial institutions reach these goals by instantly and invisibly validating the caller before they connect to your call center reps. By turning each caller’s telephone into ownership identity tokens, the TRUSTID® Physical Caller Authentication can help banks identify if a call can be trusted or not faster and more reliable than KBA solutions. Having this information in hand before an inbound call is initiated allows enterprises to stop criminals sooner and serve good callers faster because they no longer have to interrogate customers over the phone. This provides a higher level of security and customer services for your telephone channel.

Because authentication touches all aspects of the customer experience, implementing a tool that validates callers in real-time helps you make quicker and more accurate authentication decisions while providing a safer customer environment.

What’s more important to your call center operations than saving money and satisfying your customers? Making your New Year’s resolutions can be an important first step in achieving call center initiatives that benefit both your customers and business throughout the year, and beyond.