What call center trends did you see in Q1?

Posted on: March 24th, 2016 by Art Barger

Reaching your quarterly numbers is a critical measurement for determining if your contact center is on track of achieving your annual goals. As we approach the end of the first quarter, how are you doing with hitting your numbers?

In terms of customer satisfaction and attrition rates, are you where you want to be? Tracking specific metrics of your contact center operations can help determine if you are keeping up with corporate initiatives set forth by your organization.

In the article, “How to use BI to improve the customer experience,” Donald Young, CIO of the security company, Protection 1, said instead of focusing on profit and loss, the customer experience is how his contact center keeps customers coming back.

“Our belief has always been, if you take care of the customer, everything else falls into place. This means we look for and create metrics around critical experiences for customers and hold front line and leaders accountable to them… Attrition is a true measure of customer satisfaction. If they are enjoying the service and see value, customers don’t leave. And chances are they’re going to give you more referral business. They’re going to increase the value of your brand. There are all sorts of good things that happen when customers value the relationship.”

For call centers, understanding how quick you resolve your customers‘ issues can impact how satisfied they are with your brand and overall service. Nearly a quarter into the new year, where does your call center rate in the following areas?

  • Average call pickup time: How long does it take for your call center agents to speak to callers? With complex phone trees and multiple customer authentication services in place, are you reducing or adding more time and costs to each inbound call?
  • First-call resolutions: What percentage of calls are being resolved by the agent who picks up? Are your telephone reps fully trained to ask the right questions and quickly access the information they need to resolve problems in a timely manner?
  • Customer attrition rates: Is your customer retention rate up or down compared to this time last year? Tracking your customer attrition rates in the first quarter is a good way to measure customer trends in case you need to make any modifications to stay ahead of your yearly goals.
  • Customer satisfaction rates: Understanding how your customers feel about your service can be measured through surveys and questionnaires. These findings can help you build on strengths and find opportunities of areas you can improve on.

The TRUSTID® Physical Caller Authentication solution can help contact centers address customer issues faster because it validates the risk of the inbound call while the phone is still ringing. Good customers are authenticated within seconds of phoning into your call center. Once verified, the call is automatically routed to an appropriate telephone operator. Since the call has already been verified, the bank rep doesn’t have to waste the customer’s time interrogating them with a bunch of security questions. Instead, they can begin addressing the customer’s needs right away, working towards a quick resolution.

There’s evidence that improving the banking experience adds value to your customers. Respecting their time and resolving their problems faster also tells them that your bank’s priorities are on helping them, which can directly impact the way they feel about your brand.

We know that when customers are satisfied with your brand, attrition rates go down. That’s why when you focus on providing exceptional customer service, you increase the value of your brand. And that’s a good thing, no matter what time of year it is.