When you invest in your customers, you invest in your bank

Posted on: September 29th, 2016 by Art Barger

Today, your customers call the shots. They choose how they want to interact with you, and determine how long they are willing to wait. If they’re not satisfied with your customer service, they can jump ship at any time. This is the reality of the modern-day contact center.

This may sound like a one-sided relationship, but it doesn’t have to be. For banks, it’s an opportunity to better understand how their customers want to communicate with them, as well as determine the types of tools needed to meet their needs.

While the number of customer channels continues to grow, the telephone remains one of the most relied upon ways your customers reach out to you. Call it old-fashioned, but when consumers want quick answers, they turn to the telephone first to speak to a live agent. 

It’s true that social media, email and other self-service online tools have upped the ante for customer service. With that in mind, one would think that with all this digital support the telephone channel would go away. But that’s not the case. Consumers still expect the telephone to be an available option. So much so that it still accounts for more than 60 percent of all support interactions.

In the recent article, “Should a business have a human telephone operator, and is it worthwhile?” CallBiz CEO, Lior Ezra, said solving customer issues is just one way call center agents help their business. Interacting with customers over the telephone channel also strengthens brand integrity, loyalty and long-term stability. 

“Advanced technological systems and modern working methods make it possible for call centers to work in complete cooperation with businesses. They can get information in real time and offer the customer the most suitable solutions from all those available, quickly and efficiently. This can be just as important as courteous and polite service – and perhaps even more! Customers who get quick and reliable service tend not to forget that along the way.”

Investing in call center tools that add value to your customers is a win for your business, too. Having live call center agents available around the clock builds trust and confidence with your customers, who know they can count on your team whenever they need to.

Part of providing fast and convenient services over the telephone is having the right caller identification processes in place. Ensuring inbound callers are securely reaching telephone reps in a timely manner depends on your customer authentication solution.

Automated authentication solutions like the TRUSTID® Physical Caller Authentication verifies each call before the phone is picked up. This gives banks a jump on identifying the good calls from the bad.

As a result, spoofed or high-risk calls can be removed from the telephone system in real-time while good callers are routed directly to a customer service agent, who can immediately begin addressing the caller’s needs without resorting to unnecessary telephone interrogations. While customers have and will continue to call the shots, your bank can use this opportunity to provide the exceptional service that today’s consumers expect and deserve.