Who wants to shave 20 percent off their call center costs?

Posted on: March 12th, 2014 by Art Barger

With authentication costs on the rise, something’s gotta give. Of course, call center operations can’t remove critical customer identification processes to counter these growing expenses. But there is a way to meet growing authentication demands and reduce costs. Automating the authentication process is a step in that direction.

Instead of having call center agents interrogate customers to guess which calls can or cannot be trusted, telephone forensics can determine the authenticity of call pre-answer to enhance the authentication process. Best of all, eliminating the time it takes for call center agents to ask security questions can save your business up to 20 percent in overall operating costs.

Sound too easy or too good to be true? It’s not. 

We all know authentication is a necessary evil. It’s essential for protecting your customers and important business assets. But it doesn’t — or should I say, should never — impact the customer experience.

The TRUSTID® Physical Caller Authentication solution does all the work behind the scenes in seconds, freeing up contact center representatives time so they can focus on serving customers, not interrogating callers or challenging their goodwill. With more calls coming in each year, call centers need to increase operational efficiencies and find a way to offset costs. TRUSTID helps you do both.

Using the Caller ID and ANI credentials to validate the physical location of the calling device, TRUSTID instantly identifies the risk of the call before it reaches a call center agent. This speeds up the authentication process and removes knowledge-based authentication (KBA) questions that are expensive, time-consuming, and no longer identity-predictive.

In today’s call center environment, between five to 10 percent of incoming traffic has been altered by either the carrier for billing purposes or intentionally by the caller. For these and other reasons, authentication challenges aren’t going away. If anything, more inbound calls have financial institutions and other businesses looking for ways to increase efficiencies and cut operating costs, without compromising the customer experience.

If your team is looking to reduce overall call center expenses, banks leveraging TRUSTID today have seen a 20 percent overall cost takeout in their operations. They attribute the cost-savings to validating calls pre-answer, which removes unnecessary KBA procedures that can drive up the time and expenses it takes to identify customers over the telephone channel.