Why banks should not overlook the call center

Posted on: April 10th, 2014 by Art Barger

We live in the digital age. While experts support investments in online banking assets, much is lost in the way of optimizing more traditional, customer-facing channels such as the call center, which isn’t going away anytime soon.

According to the article, “Why Banks Should Stop Managing Call Centers Like Machines,” the typical approach to call center management is alienating and frustrating customers. Still one of the most widely used customer service channels, the call center should not be overlooked. With investments in the web and mobile devices on the upswing, it would behoove organizations to re-focus on the telephone channel to improve the banking experience.

In the eyes of corporate management, the call center is often seen as a “cost” center. When it comes to providing customer service over the phone, the focus is largely on how to reduce expenses through minimizing call volumes and average call handling times. While working more efficiently can help contact centers reduce operating costs, this doesn’t mean that call centers don’t bring tremendous value to an organization.

That’s right. While cost savings through efficiency is good, there’s more long-term business value making sure your customers are taken care of. One way to do this is by using the TRUSTID® Physical Caller Authentication solution.

Designed to help automatically determine the risk of the call pre-answer using telephone network forensics, TRUSTID eliminates the need for call center agents to spend the first few “golden” minutes on the phone interrogating customers. By authenticating the call before it is picked up, bank phone representatives don’t have to use up precious phone time identifying customers with a bunch of security questions. This is costly, time-consuming, and tests customers’ trust and goodwill.

By removing unnecessary steps from the authentication process, contact centers can immediately begin addressing the customer’s needs first, which improves the quality of service and enhances the overall customer experience.